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About Me

I am currently pursuing a masters degree at EPFL. I have earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Mathematics from the American University of Beirut in May 2015.

I enjoy playing Snooker, and Go/Baduk/Weiqi (currently ranked at 15kyu). I speak three languages: Arabic (formal arabic and the Lebanese dialect), English and French. I am currently learning German. I enjoy reading popular science books, mathematics/physics textbooks, and occasionally philosophical books. Recently I've been reading novels and I've picked up interest in reading more about the history of the Middle East. Here's a list of books from my Goodread account (may be helpful for picking a gift for me! I think books are the best gifts one could receive).

My favorite movies include the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, I also have a copy of The One Ring. I do not have a favorite band but I do enjoy a lot of folk (metal), hard/classic/soft rock, classical music and jazz.

Academic Interests

And in general anything "exotic".

Technical Knowledge and Setup

I am proficient in many programming pradigms; imperative, object-oriented and functional, with preference to functional languages. I mainly use Python for small applications, Bash for write-once-execute-once code, C and CUDA for any heavy lifting, Octave for quick plotting and mathematical computations and D for any large project, and for small fun side projects I use Python or Javascript. I am proficient in these programming/scripting/markup languages

I use ArchLinux, and Xmonad on top of it. I heavily use vim for any editing. I also heavily use the command line and Git. I subscribe to the Free Software Movement and I am the proud owner of a TypeMatrix keyboard.


Below are a list of projects I plan to do at some point

What is this Graph above?

This graph represents a 69-state machine, in fact, a quantum Turing machine [PDF]. It's a machine that abides by the laws of quantum mechanics. This machine can be thought of performing the following algorithm on each superposition |k,x⟩ in a 6-dimensional Hilbert space H6 (H ⊗ ... ⊗ H, each spanned by {|0⟩, |1⟩}):

x ∈ ℕ8
k ∈ ℕ8
while |x-k| < 4:
    x := x + 1   mod 8
This machine is important to me because 1) it took me a long time to come up with a QTM with conditional looping, 2) no one provided an example of a conditionally looping quantum Turing machine, 3) This graph was the reason for building the MG-QTM simulator and visualizer.